December 12, 2018
The Harry Hamilton Campus
A Transitional Living Facility
Rededicated April 1, 2017 to honor our friend Harry Hamilton.  Harry Hamilton spent the majority of his life going out of his way to help people afflicted with the disease of addiction. In honor of a man who lent his support in so many says to so many people, Fern House is proud to announce we have renamed our transitional living facility The Harry Hamilton Campus.

 Over the past 35 years, Fern House has become an integral part of the Palm Beach County community. The program is designed to help men restore their lives from the issues of chronic substance abuse. Often, when faced with seemingly hopeless cases, law enforcement, the criminal justice system, and wary families turn to the Fern House for a solution. The mission of Fern House is to assist chronic male alcoholics and drug addicts achieve sobriety.


The Harry Hamilton Campus is not a traditional halfway house. We stress home like living for those individuals ready to take the next step toward long term sobriety. With single man rooms priced at just $175.00 per week, there are no cramped quarters and no stress over getting into the bathroom.
The Harry Hamilton Campus is designed for the individual that has already made a start into his journey in recovery. With a six-month minimum sobriety requirement for admission, you know that you’re living in a community that is a safe, healthy place to call home. Fern House II offers on-site trained professional management to ensure that residents can have any concern addressed immediately. If you’re looking for home, look no further.  
Location: 4528 Haverhill Road Lake Worth, FL 33463