December 12, 2018
This is what it was like, before Fern House. My story is not much differ that any of yours. My day began with a hangover, I went to work, and drank at night. In the beginning, I thought I could handle it, but very quickly, I began not going to work, and drinking all day. I found myself in bars at night, cheating on my wife, and going broke. As a result, my wife left, and I was broke. I did odd jobs to keep my drinking going, but that was it. My first DUI was a slap on the wrist, and 30 days at Fern House. When I left after 30 days Bernard says to me "I'll see you again"... I laughed and said "not a chance". I was wrong!!! 2 years later, I got drunk at my sisters wedding and all hell broke loose. The next morning, I looked up and asked God to take this away. As I was on my way to see a friend, I got pulled over, and taken to jail. While put on a furlough, I went to Fern House, and tried to escape the jail " knowing full well in my mind I still didn't have a problem ". As a result, Bernard went back to court, and Bernard BEGGED the procecuter to let me go to Fern House, and they agreed.
I don't know when it happened, but somewhere in my scared crazy, and messed up life, I found that I was ENJOYING my sobriety. I had a sponsor, a program, and my life started taking shape again, through Fern House.
When my 9 months was over, I was scared to death! I asked, Bernard what do I do now? In my exit interview with the staff, and residents, Bernard told me something I'll never forget. " Eric, go live your life with family and NEW friends, we have seen you grow, fall, and get back up again. If you stick to your program, you will be just fine ".
Today, I own a home, have a job I've been at for several years now, a wife that loves me, and a beautiful daughter! I couldn't have accomplished where I am today, and where I'm going in the future, without the help and belief that Fern House had in me!
Not every day is easy, in fact, some days are just unbearable, but I push through, without a drink, and that's all that matters today.~~Eric S. Fern House Alumni


At a young age I had everything that I wanted. The cars, the dream job, money, and all the friends. But I was also walking down the deep dark path of alcoholism and drug addiction.  Where I ended up losing everything that I thought that I wanted. My family and closest friends pleaded with me to seek help, but I continued to ignore their requests.  After multiple arrests, felonies, and alcohol related seizures, I finally made the decision to seek the help that I needed to fight my drinking problem. One morning I found out that I was being kicked out of the third house but I moved into within a month due to my drinking, so I called my dad and asked him if he would be willing to pick me up after work to take me to Fern House. He told me he couldn't wait that long, and told he would be there to pick me up within 15 minutes. On the way to the Fern House he told me that this was the smartest decision I've ever made, better than any schooling or job I have ever had. He also told me whenever I'm done he wants me to help someone else Who is struggling.
The Fern House program was not easy by any means. But It gave me the knowledge, structure and necessary tools I needed to battle back. Toward the end of my time at the Fern House I learned that they had another facility where I can go to further my education and a recovery program outside of the Fern House. Although I was sad to leave, I was excited to start the journey of entering back into society as the man I knew all along I had inside. 
Today I am regaining everything in my life that I gave away previously, but In this process I have gained something new, and that is the passion to help other men and women struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.  I am an alumni of the Fern House and have also become great friends with the staff there. I am a facilitator of the Wednesday night big book study group. Sometimes looking back it is hard to believe that I used to live the way that I did. I'm very thankful for the Fern House program. 
-Alexander A.-- Fern House Graduate

 How I was going to get money so I could use. The pain pills were the worst. They got into my bones, and into my body. I just lay in bed all day. I didn’t want to do anything. I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t even realize what was happening to me until it was too late. I wasn’t paying attention. Then, I was addicted. It was bad, and I wound up in jail. Bernard from Fern House visited me in jail after my mother got in touch with him. He asked me if I wanted to go to Fern House, and I thought…yeah, anything’s better than here. I was resistant at first, but once I got to Fern House it didn’t take long for me to realize that it was the place for me. They taught me structure and accountability. They helped me find a job, and they helped me get up every morning and get to that job. I didn’t know how to do any of that stuff. They gave me back my morals and they taught me how to be a real man. Fern House is strict, but you can tell they really care about you. Everybody there cares, including the guys living there. We’re one big family.
Rick -- Fern House Graduate
What Fern House gave me was priceless. Before I went to Fern House, I couldn’t stop using. I gave up my relationship with my wife, my daughter, and the rest of my family. I had given up on myself. My using was 100% about me with no regard for others. I completely destroyed my marriage, my career was over, and my life was destroyed. Fern House taught me how to be accountable. They helped me see that I needed to be patient, incorporate some structure into my life and take things one day at a time. Sooner or later, they told me, my life would come together. Today, my life is totally changed. Through the Fern House and my higher power, I have a new life. The Fern House will always be a part of my life. I give back by helping them with construction projects and I sponsor a lot of guys that come through there. I still talk to Bernard all the time. I have a great amount of respect for him and what he did for me. The Fern House saved my life. It gave me hope.
Adam Y. -- Fern House graduate