December 12, 2018


Fern House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit residential rehabilitation center for men suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. Our six-month program is structured and disciplined. It is mandatory that clients work days and participate in the evening program.
Our agency is unique in that we accept no federal, state or local tax dollars. Each client is responsible for the cost of his stay with us. 
Upon admission to Fern House he immediately becomes a taxpayer--not a tax burden--to the community. We feel that this is an integral part of his recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. Our residents learn personal responsibility as they make an investment in themselves.
Concerned individuals, the courts, social service agencies and churches refer clients. Fern House takes these men off the streets and helps them rebuild their lives. Families become whole again, legal matters are put to rest, and the men begin to repay their debt to society by becoming useful, productive citizens.

Fern House fulfills an important role in our area by providing a recovery program that is designed to help the men who are most likely to “fall through the cracks” in our local network of private, non-profit, and government programs.

Charles E Cordle II