Alcoholism can effect almost anyone. It is not just limited to the alcoholic. The effects of alcoholism extend to friends and family, even co-workers. When alcoholism effects a loved one it effects everyone. Coping with alcoholism of a loved one is a process that takes time and effort.

Alcoholics can be physically or mentally abusive. They often have problems keeping a job and being responsible. Alcoholism in a family can be devastating. When one person is effected by alcoholism then everyone else has to deal with alcoholism as well. Coping with alcoholism of a loved one can be hard. It can be stressful and severely damaging to others in the family. Learning how to cope with alcoholism of a loved one is the best way to help the person and stop the problems associated with it.

There are many things a person can do to cope with alcoholism of a loved one. The first step to take is to realize the alcoholic is responsible for their problem, not other people. This will help family members stop some behaviors that only encourage the alcoholic to continue drinking. The next step is to stop those behaviors that encourage the alcoholic. The following points are things not to do for an alcoholic because they only encourage their behavior:

  • Do not give the alcoholic money to buy alcohol.
  • Do not take the alcoholic to places they can buy alcohol.
  • Do not drink around the alcoholic.

There are some things that a person should do, however, that will help the alcoholic and in return help them cope with the alcoholism.

  • Do support the alcoholics efforts to become sober.
  • Do talk with the alcoholic about their problem.
  • Do help the alcoholic get help.

While there are many steps a person can take to cope with the alcoholism of a loved one, there are support groups that focus on helping people in this type of situation. In these groups a person can share their feelings and meet others who are trying to cope with alcoholism of a loved one. It is important for the person to not ignore their own needs. The alcoholic may require extra attention during their recovery, but they should not get all of the attention.


Source by Robert Thatcher

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