Hi, my name is Steve and I suffer from a condition known as Hypertension or more commonly known as High Blood Pressure.

There we go, got it out in the open and now sometimes it does not seem so bad, or is it?

The thing is I have written loads of articles about High Blood Pressure having suffered from the condition for; I guess the majority of my life but only "officially" ie diagnosed for the past 10 years.

It was not the concept of the upcoming 10th Year "Anniversary" that got me round to taking this approach but I thought I would "come full circle" and re examine my approach and attitude to High Blood Pressure from the ground up so to speak ie from when I got diagnosed and how I approached it.

Now the above opening sentence "Hi I'm Steve etc" may sound as if I am taking a slightly comical stance on this very much in the idiom of "Alcoholics Anonymous" etc but I'm not. First of all I would never wish to make light of such a condition and illness such as Alcoholism. Rather I think the key thing with any form of diagnosis of any form of life threatening condition (and make no bones about it folks, High Blood Pressure can be a killer if left untreated and that does not come more life exceeding than that) is the psychological acceptance within yourself that you have this condition, you have faced up to it; now what are you going to do about it?

Like most people I guess, my High Blood Pressure was diagnosed by accident and for that I am really grateful in that I was undergoing treatment for a minor procedure when the Anaesthetist walked into my Hospital room and said "Your Blood Pressure is through the Roof, I'm not proceeding ".

By "the roof" he meant it was 216 over 160. Normal ideal Blood Pressure levels are in the region of 120 over 80 so you can see there was indeed a slight problem. Sometimes when we look back on it later the circumstances may have been a little on the unusual side of things but I thank my "lucky stars" that it had been picked up, presented to me in no uncertain terms so that I had to face it and was given no choice.

I'm certainly glad I was and that I have come to terms with it and that is the key. In what I plan to assemble are a series of articles I want to take people despite the various stages of this condition, what are some of the causes, varieties of treatments and how sufferers can positively impact that treatment themselves and how they can come to terms with living with High Blood Pressure .

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