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Resident Requirements

Each resident must be interviewed before being accepted into Fern House. We’ll talk about your background and current situation and discuss your goals for sobriety. Each resident must express a sincere desire to get and stay sober. The staff must feel certain that the resident will benefit from a stay at Fern House. Every resident must be committed to following all Fern House rules, regulations and policies.

  • Two Levels of Transition

    Fern House. This is where it starts. Fern House gets addicts and alcoholics back on track, teaching them to cope with daily living, handle their responsibilities and start building a new life. This six-month program turns their lives around and sets them up for success. After graduating from Fern House, our clients have two options. They can either find suitable housing on their own or move into our long-term sober living home at the Harry Hamilton Campus.

  • The Hamilton Facility

    Harry Hamilton Campus. In 2017, this second facility was renamed for Harry Hamilton, a longtime supporter of the Fern House program and a man who dedicated much of his life to helping alcoholics achieve sobriety. In honor of his work and legacy, we rededicated this house and renamed it. The Hamilton facility is a comfortable, safe house where men can enjoy more freedom, slightly less structure and a comfortable, homelike environment. Each resident has his own room and there are ample bathrooms. Any graduate of Fern House who wants to continue a sober living lifestyle with other men is welcome to find a home here.

  • The Hamilton House Requirements

    Graduation from Fern House. Adherence to the policy of no alcohol or drug use. Weekly rent of $175. Meals are not included, but residents have access to a full kitchen. Our facilities have become integral, respected members of the Palm Beach County community. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of our clients and our neighbors. We have a longstanding record of success when it comes to turning around the lives of seemingly hopeless cases. Our clients are referred to us by law enforcement, the criminal justice system and their weary families, who all know that Fern House is the last, best answer for these men. We are proud of the work we’ve done and our contribution to our community.


Fern House has ZERO tolerance for any alcohol or drug use. Fern House also prohibits the use of any narcotic or non-narcotic prescribed medications that may be mind or mood altering.