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Fern House – Meetings

Meetings are a big part of every resident’s stay at Fern House. There are several reasons why they’re mandatory.

1. Meetings provide support and practical help. Most people who are successful at getting off drugs and alcohol say that supportive meetings are a necessity. These 12-step and other sobriety support meetings are a proven way to keep addicts focused and give them the encouragement and practical guidance that they need.

2. It’s a good habit to start. Once they leave the safe, protected environment of a sober house, our clients will need to attend meetings in order to stay sober. Requiring meeting attendance helps them get into the habit of doing that and it also shows them how helpful these groups are.

3. They show responsibility. Following rules and keeping to a schedule are important habits for addicts to learn. Many of our clients were living disordered, chaotic lives before they got here. Attendance at meetings is an important part of learning to live a new, responsible and sober life.

4. They provide support to family members. At Fern House, we never forget the damage that substance abuse wreaks on families. Al-Anon is an invaluable support group for family members of addicts and alcoholics. At Fern House, we sponsor free Al-Anon meetings that are open to all residents’ family members.

5. They help our clients help each other. We are committed to teaching our residents the importance of mutual help and fellowship. This is an AA principle and it’s also one of ours. Meetings are the perfect opportunity to learn these skills.

Fern House – Schedule

12:00PM- Smoke Free Sobriety Meeting of AA (Open meeting)
7:00PM- General House Meeting: A closed meeting only for staff and residents of the program. This meeting is an opportunity to address any issues developing within the community.
8:15PM- First Phase Residents- Introduction to AA/NA. The focus of this closed meeting for residents in the early stages of the program is a look at the first step within the twelve step program.
8:30PM-Upper Phase’s- Outside AA Meeting- Monday Night Men’s Group (Triangle Club)

12:00PM- Smoke Free Sobriety Meeting of AA (Open meeting)
7:00PM Relapse Prevention: Staying Sober. The teachings of the founder of the gold standard relapse prevention program, Terrence Gorski’s teachings help clients recognize warning signs and triggers

12:00PM- Smoke Free Sobriety Meeting of AA (Open meeting)
7:00PM-9:00PM:  Big Book Step Study- An in-depth look at the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous with direct focus on the twelve steps.

12:00PM- Smoke Free Sobriety Meeting of AA (Open meeting)
7:00PM: Spirituality- A practical look at the principles of recovery and how to apply them into your life
7:00PM: Alumni/Re-admit Support Group
8:30PM: Fern Street Group of AA (Open meeting)

12:00PM- Smoke Free Sobriety Meeting of AA (Open meeting)
7:30PM: Positive Flow Group of NA (Open meeting)

12:00PM- Smoke Free Sobriety Meeting of AA (Open meeting)
Saturday Night Sober Outings: Residents go out in groups to learn how to experience social settings in sobriety

9:00AM: Sunday Services- Non-denominational service
7:00PM: Owls Nest Group of AA (Open meeting)