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Fern House

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We’ve been able to do our incredibly important work through our fundraising strategy. Our goal is simple, keep our costs low and focus all our resources on the one thing that matters most: Getting vulnerable, addicted men off the streets and into society.
But we can’t do it without your help. And we currently have two important initiatives that need a little financial boost. Both programs allow us to do more for the people of Palm Beach County and the indigent, desperate men who need our help the most. You can make a difference in their lives and the lives of our city by donating to one of these great causes.

Indigent Care Fund

Help us open our doors to those unable to open them for themselves. Our Indigent Care Fund has allowed us to open the doors to over a thousand men that otherwise might not have been able to find help. Your contribution to Fern House will help ensure we can continue our mission to restore dignity and hope to those suffering from addiction. donation of $250.00 will allow us to take a homeless person off the streets and give them a starting point to rebuild a life of purpose. With your help, we can continue our mission to restore dignity and hope to those suffering from addiction.



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$1,643 of $2.5 million raised

2023 marks the sixth and final year of the “Foundations for the Future” Campaign; our six-year effort to raise$2,500,000 for construction of a new health-conscious cooking facility and dining hall of increased capacity to serve the entire Fern House West Palm Beach and Lake Worth/Harry Hamilton Campus residency. The new building’s blueprint includes a recreation room to promote residents’ wellbeing, study and relaxation; as well as smartly configured office space that will pave the way to success in our future expansion efforts. We are pleased to announce construction on this began in May of 2023 and we expect it to be completed in the second quarter of 2024! We are still a little short of the construction costs, so any help you can provide will be game changing to this campaign.


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Donation Total: $1,000.00

Purchase a Brick in our Redesigned Entrance

Brick Pavers

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For the last thirty-seven years, Fern House has held a one primary goal in mind, help men get off drugs, successfully navigate through early recovery and rebuild their lives.

For years Fern House has successfully accomplished its mission without the need to fund raise to support program operations. We are fortunate in that our program is self-sufficient in that no fundraising is necessary to keep the doors open. 100% of our fundraising efforts are for capital improvements to our facilities and expansions of services allowing us to serve more clients.

With those thoughts in mind, Fern House is today embarking on its largest ever capital campaign. The Foundations for the Future Campaign will allow us to remove a building from our Church Street property that is over sixty years old and in need of serious and immediate repair, replace that building with a state of the art kitchen and dining facility with improved capacities in the areas of seating as well as nutrition. We will also be adding a recreation room and additional office space that will put us on a path to succeed in future expansion efforts.

Fern House will be raising $1,500,000 over the next five years to develop and construct a state of the art kitchen facility along with a new dining facility large enough to accommodate our entire client base. To achieve success, we need the support and generosity of the local businesses, charitable organizations, and individual community members.

We invite you to help us lay the “Foundation to the Future” by purchasing a brick on our redesigned entrance at the base of our new clock tower. With your support, Fern House’s Foundation will be forever rock solid.

Want an easy, everyday way to help men in recovery?

Amazon Smile Donation

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Consider making Fern House your charity of choice when shopping on Amazon Smile; the same as Amazon, offering the same great products, prices and service and, BONUS, a chance to make a positive change simply by shopping!

Fern House will receive a .5% donation on all of your eligible Amazon purchases at no cost to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Donation FAQ

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Fern House is grateful to receive any donation amount; every dollar helps us continue our mission to help indigent male chronic alcoholics and drug addicts achieve sustained sobriety and return to the mainstream of society as productive, responsible citizens.

Yes, and you may donate to our General, Foundations for the Future and Indigent Care Fund separately or all three; the choice to help is yours!

Making donations to Fern House electronically is done via PayPal, which keeps the financial data of its 237 million account users secure in a single online “vault”; whereas the same cannot be said when transmitting credit card or bank data online over the internet. Additionally, when using PayPal, the recipient of a payment does not receive sensitive financial information such as credit card or bank account numbers, unlike other methods of payment online. Fern House is a government registered 501(c)3 non-profit, as designated by the IRS; check out Fern House credentials directly: IRS Link

Yes. Fern House invites you to donate as is your pleasure and appreciates your need for privacy.

No, neither Fern House nor our credit card processors will charge you any fees for your wonderful generosity. We also commit to never share your personal information with any other organization, except where required by law.

Since 1982, Fern House has been an open door and an open heart to men who are serious about breaking free from alcoholism and drug addiction. Our non-profit, faith-based Florida program helps these men rebuild their lives in a caring, compassionate environment.

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